Regional information

Homburg/Saar is centrally located between Paris,

Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Trier and Strassbourg. It is therefore easy to visit these interesting cities.

The nature lover will enjoy the beautiful settings of Saarland (tourist info) and the ‘Rheinland-Pfalz’, the history lover the abundantly located medieval castles. The beautiful  ‘Weinstraße’ known for its wonderful wine from the Rhein as well as the river Mosel (Mosel Wein) are just arround the corner.

Events in Saarland - link

Saarbrücken - Federal Ministry Information, City Tours

Zweibrücken - City of roses and horses

Homburg - Castle mountain caves, Roman village

Roman village (Römermuseum in Scharzenacker, Homburg)

Kirkler Burgsommer

medieval market at the Kirkler Castle;

every year somewhere between May and June medieval times return to Kirkel. (Info)

Roman Imperial Fortress,Treasury and Richard the Lionheart's Prison

Trifels Castle is a medieval castle at an elevation 500 m near the small town Annweiler.

Annweiler belongs to the ‘Südliche Weinstraße’ district.

Germany’s first scenic wine route is still its most famous. Established in 1935, the German Wine Route “Deutsche Weinstrasse” is only 85 km long, but is packed with history, culture, magnificent scenery and endless stretches of vineyards.

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